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ZESCHKY - The coating brand!

Corrosion-resistant, decorative and functional galvanic surfaces. “1001” Coatings are designed to comply even better with the high quality demands being made on semis and end products. Pioneering products lines such as Z-PROTECTION 100 – 600 represent the new approach to coating solutions at the highest quality levels – also outside the automotive field. The motto here is “supply everything from a single source” with “everything” meaning galvanic surfaces, zinc flake coating as well as organic coatings e.g. KTL.

The core of the Zeschky strategy is to analyse customer processes in seeking potential savings and/or added value. This approach results in the development of new surfaces, material substitution, optimisation of the value-added chain accompanied by an appropriate increase in added value itself.

Individual customer services in connection with all coating processes (upstream and downstream), training, just-in-time delivery and other logistic requirements are all part of the package.

Surface treatment is performed at five plants in Germany, with a total workforce of approximately 330 operating 25 fully automatic production lines. In round figures, this represents 90.000 t p.a. output of small parts; ranging from micro-screws to cast iron components or pipes up to a length of 6 m.

Top quality in all production processes is assured by consistent certification (ISO/TS 16949), continuous improvement processes (CIP) secured by permanent teamwork, constant updating and implementation of the various environment requirements specified, for example, by REACH etc.

Our sense of responsibility for the particular branch of industry we are engaged in has also been underlined now for over 15 years by our contribution to the work of the ambitious ZVO Association.

Zeschky surface treatment experts regularly take part in the most important conferences and seminars as both presenters and lecturers.

Exchanging information, addressing current topics, recognising and utilising trends, adopting different approaches, customer satisfaction to create satisfactory company results - all measures and goals to which we aspire.

The more you learn in your daily work the wiser you become!

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