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Customised Services

Customised services for start to finish success!

Only once the finishing line is defined you can get on your way.

The route to reaching your target and to optimum surfaces is Zeschky.

This immediately puts an end to the search and effort for different external service providers with a correspondingly high number of subtasks.

The Zeschky brand is a system with a range of services and customised procedures, which go together.

The optimum surface on every different semi-finished article or final product is always the desired result.

Obviously, cooperation often starts before the actual coating process. Intensive consultation on how to turn targets into results is the foundation for the desired customer and market solutions, where Zeschky also takes on more and more up and downstream processes.

Services such as washing, degreasing, polishing, assembly and packaging jobs, tips on design suitable for the galvanising process, training, just-in-time deliveries and other logistics tasks are all part of the package.


Everything for the customer

The customer only has one supplier, reduces throughput times and is able to reduce the process costs related to hardware and manpower enormously.

In this way, market demands are turned into customised target achievements.

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Finishing, riveting, assembling

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Multiple blasting, covering, nano coating, packaging