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Z-PROTECTION® 100: Zinc surface

The Z-PROTECTION® 100 product line is the environment-friendly special Zeschky process based on an advanced zinc electrolyte.

It provides customers with up to 100 and more ways of protecting the surface of their products.

This high number results from the variety of influencing factors for electroplated products.

Zp100 Disp Schraube
  Salt spray test
0) DÜSP2 80 nm 24 h
1) DISP1 250-300 nm 48-72 h
2) DISP incl. nano 96 h
3) DISP + sealing 120 h
4) DISP incl. nano + sealing 168 h
1 thick layer passivation   2 thin layer passivation   Average values to DIN EN ISO 9227

Optimum customer benefits

  • Development of a commercial process at excellent value for money.
  • Attractive design. The appearance in the colours black and transparent can be adjusted.
  • Z-PROTECTION® 100 meets the current EU guidelines (CrVI-free)
  • Cathodic protection by sacrificing the base layer


Serial finishing for: automotive supplier industry, metal work/fittings industry, fixing technology, furniture supply industry and electrical engineering/electronics, surfaces for downgrade material.

h* - rust resistance  /  Rankinggraph Legend Dot Corrosion protection
Z-PROTECTION<sup>®</sup> 100 Ranking-Graph
* Std. Salt spray test DIN EN ISO 9227 for 24 hrs, at 120 °C

Requirements are turned into customised surfaces

A cycle that the market sets in motion. Technical sales, application technology, developers and surface specialists from Zeschky fulfil customer needs together with its market partners.

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